Wiejelo Equipment Norway

Wiejelo Equipment has been based in Norway since 2018.

Wiejelo Norway has its own backoffice and technical service with which Wiejelo Norway has a comprehensive service network for the entire Scandinavian market.

Wiejelo Norway is managed by Ole Marius who has earned his stripes in tunnel construction, earthmoving and transport.

Ole Marius, director Wiejelo Norway, indicates;
Our added value within the heavy industries, offshore, public transport and earthmoving gives our clients more efficiency and safety. 

Especially the advanced lubrication and extinguishing systems for these sectors offer great added value for all equipment. Actually, I would like to say that we remove risks with a well thought-out service package and that continuity is and remains guaranteed ”.

Collaboration with Hydro Norway 

Hydro Norway, one of the world’s largest producers of aluminum with 35.000 employees in 40 countries, has entered into an intensive collaboration with Wiejelo Norway in the past year.

To transport liquid aluminum in the factory, Hydro uses specially developed vehicles developed by the Norwegian manufacturer HMR. Together with Hydro, a search has been made to minimize the risk area for fire in these vehicles. This requires excellent expertise that knows how to detect the risk areas as effectively as possible, after which the core of the possible risk is eliminated. This guarantees the continuity of the entire operational process and damages are kept to a minimum. From an environmental point of view, the extinguishing agents do not contain harmful substances such as PFAS.

Extensive trainging program

Wiejelo Norway will provide extra training to both service personnel of their customers in the coming year to better tailor the service package to customer demand and thus maintain the connection with legislation and regulations.


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