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Wiejelo Equipment supplies and installs automatic fire suppression systems so you can give your staff, stock and work space the best possible protection.

At Wiejelo Equipment we undertake the complete design of the fire suppression systems. This allows us to offer you the safest solution for your staff, stock and work space. Prior to placing the systems, we determine together with our clients the most suitable system and extinguishing agent for the application.

Wiejelo guarantees they will provide the services you need both during, before and after any installation of a system. This allows us to provide both high-quality services and products.

Indirect fire suppression system

The indirect system only uses the detection pipe to detect a fire.

The valve at the top of the cylinder is opened by the pressure in the cylinder created when the pipe bursts due to the combination of radiant heat and pressure in the pipe.

This will cause the extinguishing agent to be transported to strategically placed sprinkler heads and then to be released into a secure environment.


Questions about indirect firesuppression systems or how they can improve safety?