Visit Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra Palembang, Indonesia

Wiejelo equipment already has supplied 300 Firetrace automatic fire suppression systems in mining industries in Indonesia. For the final installation Wiejelo can rely on local distributors that have been certified by Wiejelo to install Firetrace ABC-Dry Chemical fire suppression systems. Last month experts of Wiejelo visited one of the sites for a periodical training of end users and service staff. During these visits in depth inspection of the installed systems also takes place. Also, even regarding in the severe circumstances the equipment operates 24 hours a day there is no doubt to ensure that the Firetrace fire suppression systems are 100% failsafe. The equipment where the systems are installed on, operates in Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Sumatra.

This initial step for Wiejelo marks a real game changer regarding the mindset of the decision makers in mining in Indonesia. Currently many are convinced that “Dry-Chemical” systems clearly offer many advantages in comparison with systems using AFFF-foam agent. It took quite some effort to extinguish the myth that AFFF-based systems are the one and only superior solution for fire suppression on mining equipment. In the meantime, the advantages of ABC-Dry Chemical powder systems have proven by independent tests and best practice in the field: In first place ABC-Dry Chemical systems prove to extinguish fire most effectively and in second place the systems are compact, easy to install and maintain at the lowest cost of ownership.

Since more than 15 years Wiejelo has been successful in the Indonesian market selling automatic lubrication systems. No doubt rises fire suppression system will equal this success in short time!


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