Dyckerhoff Basal opts for Wiejelo Equipment

In the last few months, Wiejelo Equipment has equipped two Dyckerhoff Basal plants with automatic lubrication systems. On top of that, we’re also busy adapting a third plant.

Dyckerhof Basal has a nationwide network of concrete plants which allows them to supply the whole of the Netherlands with high-quality concrete products. Concrete is a product where time and maintenance are of crucial importance. Downtime and malfunctions can’t be tolerated. A concrete plant has several moving parts that need to be lubricated to prevent wear. For instance, think of moulds, valves, etc.

Safer, more durable, better and time-saving with central automatic grease lubrication

A concrete plant has a variety of different lubrication points, each with its own grease requirements. It’s important that lubrication points don’t receive either too much or too little grease and that the lubricant is applied at the right time.

The progressive system from ILC is the ideal solution for this! The ILC system can be applied gradually over time or in pulses. This means we can set the lubrication frequency for a machine and the exact amount of lubricant it needs for each application.

If need be, the system can even be set to apply lubricant in pulses. For example: when a machine completes a cycle of its work, the machine gives the pump a command via control voltage, which means that this process can be fully automated. Also, with a progressive system you can always be sure that all the lubrication points get the grease they need.


Right amount of grease.Often too much or too little lubrication is applied. In both cases the consequences will be significant.

Timing.If you want to extend the life of a pivot point it’s better to lubricate with small amounts more often than to apply a large amount of grease in one go. An automatic lubrication system is ideal for this

Safety.There’s no need to go climbing through the machine, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Time.Automatic lubrication saves a lot of time, which then can be used for inspections or other maintenance.


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