Buscoach fieldtests at “Plot Brandweerschool”

Friday, May 12 at the town of Genk, Belgium. Wiejelo equipment invited a delegation of involved bus and automotive specialists to witness testing Firetrace ABC dry chemical ILP CE fire suppression systems at the “PLOT Brandweerschool”. The location is a Firemen training school. One of the various training facilities available is an old City bus where firemen and bus drivers are trained how to handle in case of a bus fire. We took this bus for our tests.

We installed a system in the engine compartment. We did 4 tests. To lit the fire a nozzle sprayed benzene into the compartment. This generates quite a big fire. Although we reused the suppression hoses without properly cleaning at one of the tests causing one of the nozzles partly blocked the system, the system still succeeded to extinguish the fire. The spectators were very satisfied.

Quotes of the day:

“We had a very interesting and useful day”. “From what we saw, we were convinced that the ABC ILP application in a bus coach is superior above Foam or Water mist systems”: “Only in that case, a customer who buys a bus insists to put in place Foam or Water mist, otherwise we only want ABC dry chemical”.

The tests also clearly proved the reliability of the fire detection. Unlike the setup of the Sp tests where proper fire detection is not taken into consideration. According to them the setup of the Sp testing need to be reviewed due to the fact, that fire detection was not tested.

For watching the movie, please click at Buscoach fieldtests 2017


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