Automatic lubrication systems Agriculture & Forestry

Wiejelo Equipment specialises in the design and installation of automatic lubrication systems for the agriculture and forestry sectors.


Agricultural material is often used seasonally. During the season, the equipment is almost constantly in use, meaning there is little time to lubricate the machines, so the equipment has to endure a lot.

The bearings of the material often go through or just above the soil, which means that sand, dust and dirt can enter them. Furthermore, the lubrication points are located in vulnerable positions.

An automatic lubrication system ensures that bearings are lubricated during operating which means they will have a longer life. With the correct lubricant and dosage, the lubricant forms a seal on the outside of the bearings, preventing the intrusion of dust, dirt and sand. Apart from that, an automatic lubrication system installed on the equipment avoids stoppages, which means less time loss and less additional costs.


The equipment used in forestry also has to endure a lot, and the lubrication points are at vulnerable locations. An automatic lubrication system ensures that bearings are lubricated during operation which means they will have a longer life, and stoppages are avoided here too.

Should a standard product not totally meet your needs or requirements, then
we design, develop and produce the right solution, in consultation with our customers.

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