Automatic fire suppression systems Mining

A common reason for fire starting in a machine is a leak in a hydraulic hose or a leaking fuel system coupling. The fuel or hydraulic oil evaporates and fills the engine compartment. The temperature of a turbo of a modern machine is more than enough to ignite this fuel cloud, leading to the entire engine compartment catching fire within a fraction of a second.

Wiejelo Equipment has extensive experience with fire suppression systems in machines which have to be almost continuously deployed with a considerable load. For example, we are active in mining, ports, transhipment and recycling. If these machines are parked after a long shift, heat, residual pressure and short circuits are factors which can cause a fire even a considerable time after the stationery time. The mechanical functioning of the automatic fire suppression system ensures that the fire can be detected 24/7 and suppressed within a few seconds.

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