Automatic fire suppression systems Kitchens

Deep-frying fat of nearly 200 degrees and open flames when stir-frying are risks which can very rapidly cause a fire. Fat particles in the filters of the extractor hood and the extractor duct ensure that a fire in a kitchen develops with lighting speed.


A Safeguard system prevents a flame in the pan develops into a spreading blaze. The fully mechanically functioning system ensures that the kitchen is guarded 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Fire is detected and suppressed in a few seconds.

Extinguishing Agent

The Safeguard system uses Guardex as extinguishing agent. Guardex is a potassium salt solution with a low pH. The potassium salt interrupts the chemical reaction of the fire and forms a thick layer of foam which suffocates the flames. Once a foam layer has been formed, the risk of re-ignition is non-existent.

After the fire

No special cleaning measures are required. Guardex is environmentally friendly, and the kitchen can simply be cleaned with water.

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