Applications for the Metal Industry

Wiejelo is an independent organization closely cooperating with the world leading manufacturers. With our extensive experience and track record in the world of automatic lubrication systems and automatic fire suppression systems we can offer a tailor made solution for every demand. We are confident we offer an unique range of services.

If there is a fire, machines can be damaged and this can be dangerous for the area around it. Other risks are financial consequences including production and/ or company downtime.

Usually these machines work 24/7 unmanned, therefore a fire in most cases is noticed too late and more damage can happen.

Wiejelo delivers an effective fire suppression system to minimise the risks for all types of machines. Our systems are designed to detect and extinguish at the source.

Wiejelo is also the specialist in the area of automatic lubrication systems for the Metal Industry’s machines. We deliver oil systems, oil-air systems aswell as automatic lubrication systems with an attractive price-quality ratio.  By using a good automatic lubrication system you minimise the maintenance costs and risks of malfunctions and downtime.

We have a world-wide service network at our disposal.

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