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Wiejelo is an independent organization closely cooperating with the worlds leading manufacturers. With our extensive experience and track record in the world of automatic lubrication systems and automatic fire suppression systems we can offer a tailor-made solution for every demand. We are confident, we offer a unique range of services.


Automatic fire suppression systems

For the ultimate protection of your equipment and environment against fire, Wiejelo coöperates with world-leaders in automatic fire suppression systems.

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Automatic lubrication systems

We specialise in the design, advice, supply, installation and maintenance of automatic lubrication systems for on- and offroad vehicles, buses, port equipment, heavy industry and offshore applications. We serve end-customers, dealers, importers and also OEM.

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Our objective is to be able to offer our customers optimal safety and efficiency. Our specialised offering of products and services increases safety and productivity, reduces maintenance and lowers costs.


Wiejelo Equipment provides services world-wide. These services include the design, provision of advice, delivery, assembly and maintenance of automatic fire suppression and lubrication systems in the field of safety and efficiency.

Independent organisation

We set ourselves apart from our competition because Wiejelo Equipment is fully independent and only works with the best (national and international) manufacturers and partners.


Quality, creativity and personal development are extremely important at Wiejelo Equipment. With over 30 years of experience in automatic fire suppressant and lubrication system, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions for every situation.

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Partnership with Euroscale

Partnership with Veenhuis Machines and Schuitemaker Machines

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